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About Foolad Gharb Bonab Co.

Foolad Gharb Bonab, founded in 2007, is an Industrial company specialized in manufacturing of various types of submerged arc welding wire, welding flux as well as MIG&MAG welding wires according to the AWS, DIN and EN standards. The products are branded in the market as “SPARK”; official Trade Mark for company products.

All the manufacturing lines are equipped with the modern instruments and the best available raw materials are used in order to maintain the high quality of the products. The company R&D, quality control and sales departments work hand in hand in order to provide best services to the both national and international customers and meet the clients’ requirements.

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Welding Wire

Welding wire is an steel wire (depending on the alloy type) covered with copper and is sold in the rounded bundles. Welding wires can be used in various industries such as industrial sheds, structural units, shipbuilding, sea platforms, an railways.

Welding Flux

Welding flux is comprised of inorganic materials and is responsible for causing conductivity along the arc, formation of slag coating, promoting the reaction of slag and finally deoxygenation from the melt. The physical appearance of the flux depends on its chemical natures and constituting elements.

Mig & Mag Wire (CO2)

The unique properties of these welding wires are anti-spay, stable arc, and homogeneous welding at high speeds and are used along with CO2 and other gas mixtures such as argon for welding of metal structures, piping lines and automotive industries.